Stakeholder report 2021

Life is made of moments that change our lives. But ultimately, it’s not the moments that define us, but how we respond to them. When faced with unprecedented challenges and obstacles to our health, safety and stability in 2020, CareSource stood ready to meet the moment. This is our story of compassion, innovation and commitment to make a real difference in the lives of the people we serve.

CareSource President/CEO Erhardt Preitauer stands in his office

Beyond Health Insurance

From our very beginning, CareSource has always looked beyond the limitations of current public health systems to address broader economic, behavioral and social barriers in the lives of our members. That experience would prove invaluable in how we addressed the challenges of 2020.

Meeting the Moment

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Moments of Compassion

CareSource serves a wide variety of populations, and many of them are among the most vulnerable in the United States. Some of our members battle poverty and job insecurity and often struggle to find reliable housing, food and transportation. So, when the coronavirus pandemic blanketed our nation and took its greatest toll on those who were already compromised, we knew we had to help them meet the moment. Regardless of whether they were enrolled in Medicaid, Marketplace, Medicare Advantage or MyCare Ohio, our members’ health and well-being was at the heart of our every decision.

Jonas Thom, CareSource Vice President of Behavioral Health, discusses how CareSource met the moment for our members.
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Our Products

CareSource is a multi-state, multi-plan managed care organization that offers products and services for every stage of our members’ lives.

CareSource Life Coach discusses paperwork with member
Life Services

CareSource Life Services integrates social determinants of health with health care to help create more stable, fulfilling lives for our members.

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Complex Care

Complicated populations with complex health needs often confound other insurers. At CareSource, we welcome the challenge.

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Behavioral Health

Because of the surge of behavioral health needs during the COVID-19 pandemic, CareSource took a proactive approach to engage our members.

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Children’s Care

By providing strength and stability to our youngest members, we’re giving them a better chance to live healthier adult lives.

Moments of Collaboration

As a nonprofit organization with roots in social work, CareSource has always been devoted to collaborating with community partners to strengthen the social safety net for our members to improve their lives. In 2020, we strengthened those relationships to provide financial and professional support for COVID relief, created special grants to small businesses and invested in affordable housing. Meanwhile, our CareSource Foundation donated substantially to community partners, which furthered our mission of helping members lead lives of greater self-sufficiency.

Karin VanZant, CareSource Vice President of National Social Determinants of Health Strategy, explains our role within the community to address the holistic health of our members.
Housing Support
Foundation Grants
COVID Relief
Pounds of Food
Group of volunteers assembles outdoors in masks
CareSource Foundation

Last year was the most active year of giving in our history, as we supported organizations and initiatives to build healthier communities.

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COVID Relief

CareSource contributed a half-million dollars and a host of resources to help meet immediate needs related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Business Support

The CareSource Foundation contributed $1 million to help local small businesses survive the economic crisis brought on by the pandemic.

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Housing Support

CareSource reaffirmed our commitment to housing stability with a $50 million investment in affordable housing projects across the United States.

Moments of Innovation

To combat the coronavirus pandemic with a rapid and efficient response, our organization needed to operate at the highest level. At the onset of the pandemic, we led an effort to expand telehealth services, often serving as an interim solution for providers that didn’t have a system in place. Then, we continued to innovate, enhancing our pharmacy services model, and developing HIPAA-compliant personalized digital solutions to merge many of our CareSource member services into one simple-to-use online portal.

Dr. Seema Csukas, CareSource Vice President, Chief Medical Officer of Georgia, explains how CareSource met the moment for our organization in 2020.
Operational Excellence

With over 2 million members, 4,500 employees and tens of thousands of providers, CareSource relies on a seamless infrastructure of data and communication.

Father and young son on video screen on a telehealth visit with a doctor
Clinical Operations

In 2020, CareSource was especially diligent in refining processes and embracing automation so our members could get quality care.

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Board of Directors

CareSource Board members have diverse professional experience and expertise, but share a common commitment to our mission.