Stakeholder report 2021

Better Telehealth Access Means Better Care

Woman checks her pulse during teleheath video chat with provider

One key to success in behavioral health treatment is giving members the opportunity to connect with the help they need. While CareSource has pioneered the use of telehealth as a tool to improve access for rural or underserved communities, we would now have to roll the model out to a larger and even wider audience.

Very early in the pandemic, we helped provide the technology and support so providers could build systems to reach their patients. Then, we followed with education and an implementation to assure that best practices would be followed. By making our members aware of these virtual care opportunities and loosening early restrictions on telehealth visits, our behavioral health visits spiked considerably.

CareSource Telehealth Visits (April 2020 – December 2020)

Total Behavioral Health Telehealth Visits
Behavioral Health Outpatient Members
Receiving at Least 1 Telehealth Service
Behavioral Health
Psychotherapy Members
Receiving at Least 1 Telehealth Service