Stakeholder report 2021

Ohio Medicaid Tops in Nearly All Member Metrics

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Our commitment to exceptional service is most evident in our home state of Ohio, where 54% of the Ohio Medicaid population chooses CareSource for coverage – more than all other plans combined. In the most recent Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) Managed Care Plans Report Card, those enrollment numbers are supported by equally impressive quality scores.

The annual report card is a comparison of each Medicaid plan’s performance across five categories. The report card gives a side-by-side comparison of plan performance, specifically addressing areas of interest to consumers that is easy-to-read and user-friendly. Our commitment to excellence shows in not only the top quality ratings, but also in our position as one of the most cost-effective plans in the state.

As Ohio is home to one of the largest Medicaid populations in America, this vote of confidence by our members validates the hard work we’re doing. Not only to improve their health care, but also in helping them transition to a life of greater independence. We may be the only Medicaid plan in America working to get our members off of Medicaid.