Stakeholder report 2021

Member Service Makes Life-Changing Difference

CareSource member smiles on porch

Members of our Marketplace health plans depend on CareSource for administering reliable medical benefits, but they know that we’re also dedicated to helping them overcome the obstacles that stand in their way of better health. Sometimes, those member service interventions have life-saving measures.

CareSource member JK had ongoing struggles with hypertension and high cholesterol, but it was his treatment for diabetes that had critical implications. JK relied upon prompt delivery of insulin. When JK hit a wall coordinating delivery between his provider and a new mail order pharmacy, he knew he needed to find a professional advocate quickly who could get the results that he couldn’t achieve alone.

CareSource Case Manager Cody was able to bridge the gap between JK’s provider and pharmacy to correct a weak link in the communication chain and expedite JK’s insulin shipment. “Cody helped me navigate some very complex requests,” JK explains. “Without his assistance, I wouldn’t have been able to afford retail pricing. He literally helped save my life.”