Stakeholder report 2021

“Project Connection” Provides Personalized Member Experience

CareSource members looks at Project Connection homepage on his laptop

As a leader in managed care, CareSource works hard to elevate the services available to members enrolled in our Medicaid plans. We are especially gratified when the improvements we make in member services also enhance our operational efficiency as well.

In 2020, CareSource implemented a HIPAA-compliant platform nicknamed Project Connection, which brought together many of our CareSource member services onto one simple online page.

Access to these services were critical during the stay-at-home orders and beyond to allow members to continue with routine health care, understand their plans and access additional support. By providing this secure portal that works on desktop or mobile devices, CareSource enables members to safely access services that can improve their health and increase their satisfaction.

What makes this innovation even more unique is CareSource’s ability to supply a platform for a telehealth provider to deliver care and then connect with the member’s primary care provider. Many independent, rural health care operations do not have a telehealth platform, so this portal creates an open-source connection to give them the ability to securely connect with their patients in new ways. Additionally, for select rural providers, CareSource creates real-time payments for these telehealth visits. This work is ongoing and will further be rolled out in 2021.

In addition, CareSource has focused on improving our social media platforms significantly to enable storytelling and simplify solution seeking for members. Coupled with Project Connection and the existing Customer Care teams, this emphasis on proactive storytelling and reactive customer service has allowed members to receive support in whatever channel is most convenient.

Making the Connection in Social Media

yearly increase in social media consumer care inquiries