Stakeholder report 2021

Operational Excellence

Perfecting the Process

If our mission is the beating heart of CareSource, then our operational structure is the elaborate network of arteries and veins that keep it pumping. With over 2 million members, 4,500 employees and tens of thousands of providers and partners spread across America, CareSource relies on an efficient and seamless infrastructure of data and communication.

Most of our organizational metrics of success are internal. For our members, we strive to create a measurable, hassle-free health care experience. For our providers, we build systems to clear pathways for better member care and then pay them promptly. For our employees, we make sure that we’re providing the healthiest and happiest possible work environment.

Yet, not all validation comes from metrics and measures within our company. Despite well-documented operational challenges worldwide due to the pandemic, CareSource was honored by several organizations for our commitment to employee satisfaction. We were named one of the Top 40 Best Places to Work in Healthcare from Modern Healthcare and one of the Top Workplaces in 2020 from The Indianapolis Star.

In addition, our focus on customer care has earned CareSource an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. According to a recent article from Health Payer Specialist, of the top 20 payers, three have received official accreditation from the BBB for their practices and an A+ rating. CareSource is proud to be one of those companies. The better our operations, the better are the outcomes we create for our members.


Just as we expect our providers to efficiently and reliably serve our members, we know that we must do the same for our partners. In 2020, CareSource was among the best in the nation at meeting and exceeding State and Federal claim payment metrics.

Days Pending Claim Volume Receipts on Hand
Claims aged over 30 days
Non-Paper Claims Aged over 30 Days
Claims Systematically processed without manual intervention
Claim Payment Financial Accuracy rate


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