Stakeholder report 2021

Healthify Partnership Addresses Social Determinants of Health

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Over 60% of our nation’s health is determined by social needs like access to food, jobs, childcare and housing. As a managed care plan provider, CareSource is continually seeking creative community partnerships that address those social determinants of health for our members, and at the same time, boost operational efficiency and potential future health care savings for our organization.

To that end, we partnered with Healthify, a nationwide organization devoted to identifying social needs, searching for social services and coordinating care for our members with an integrated network of community partners. This new network will serve CareSource’s Ohio members initially and soon expand to support our entire CareSource Life Services® program.

In addition to the statewide network, CareSource plans to use Healthify’s population analysis modeling to identify social risk across Ohio and target hard-to-reach members to ensure they are connected to critical services. By layering this on top of clinical and cost data, CareSource will be able to meaningfully improve member engagement while tracking their long-term outcomes.

The Healthify Model:

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for validated curated resources
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Coordinates and tracks
bidirectional referrals across the network
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Tracks and measures
the impact of SDoH interventions
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current workflows with platform integrations

“This partnership further enhances our industry-leading Life Services program. This will enable us to leverage data on referrals, community partner engagement and member health improvement to optimize our community investment plan.”

– Steve Ringel, CareSource Ohio Market President