Stakeholder report 2021

Video: From Incarceration to Rejuvenation

CareSource meets members where they are, no matter where that is. Some of our members are re-entering society from the criminal justice system. We strive to assist this often forgotten population and stop the cycle of recidivism. Sam’s story is a testament to the work that is being done to change lives.

Sam’s journey has not been an easy one. He made decisions that led to him being incarcerated for almost half of his life. Upon his third release, he was introduced to CareSource. With our constant support and his unwavering determination, Sam turned his life around. At age 49, he is now working toward a college degree, earning wages from a steady job, and taking care of his health needs.

“When you come across people that are sincere, it changes everything. I don’t know where I’d be without CareSource.”

– Sam, CareSource Member