Stakeholder report 2021
CareSource food back volunteers move boxes outdoors

COVID Relief

Countering the Crisis

In the spring of 2020, when the potential damage of the COVID-19 pandemic became evident, CareSource knew that the communities we serve would need our support to survive. We responded with a much-needed injection of funds to support initiatives that aided everything from businesses to safe housing.

In our most substantial allocation, we contributed $500,000 throughout Ohio, Indiana and Georgia to help meet immediate needs related to the pandemic.

Funds were distributed to deserving organizations like The Phoebe Foundation in Georgia, providing essential support to employees and emergency responders to keep their community safe and healthy. Our $25,000 helped meet immediate needs in the Albany, Georgia region as it was the state’s largest concentration of COVID-19 patients per capita.

As need increased across the nation, so did the response from CareSource. In total, the CareSource Foundation distributed $145,000 in additional COVID-related responsive grants to 10 organizations, with an additional $1 million awarded to small business re-open initiatives. From small towns to large city centers, we helped our members meet the moment.

“Our mission is to improve the health and well-being of the communities we serve. This starts with support to our partner providers who are on the front lines.”

– Bobby Jones, CareSource Georgia Market President


CareSource food back volunteers bag food outdoors
CareSource Pledges $500,000 in COVID Relief