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Life Services

Game Changing Support for More Complete Well-Being

If there is one differentiating factor that sets CareSource apart from other managed care plan providers, it is our commitment to tackle inequalities and inequities that include social, economic and environmental deterrents. We recognize that health is dependent on so many other influences, from gainful employment and affordable housing to food security and safe transportation.

CareSource Life Services® was developed to help remove barriers that stand in the way of our members reaching their goals. By teaming with CareSource Life Coaches, members receive one-on-one support for up to 24 months to link them to vital services.

Simply stated, CareSource Life Services was developed to help remove barriers that stand in the way of our members reaching their goals.

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CareSource Life Services assists with:

  • Employment
  • Food and nutrition
  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Education and/or training opportunities
  • Budgeting and finances
  • Legal assistance
  • Safety and domestic violence

CareSource Life Services is a game-changer in managed health care, integrating social determinants of health with comprehensive health care to create more stable, fulfilling lives for our members. In 2020, as jobless numbers rose to frightening heights, so did the need for CareSource Life Services. Throughout the year, CareSource leveraged every possible health care-focused partnership to address the entire economic ecosystem for our members. In the previous year alone, we have:

  • combated unemployment by providing job coaching and new educational opportunities.
  • enhanced our transportation benefits by providing up to 5 rides a month for trips for food.
  • addressed food insecurity by packing lunches for school children and seniors, teaming with dedicated hunger groups, and making substantial donations to food sources across America. CareSource donated $500,000 to food banks throughout five states.
  • created better housing opportunities with our largest-ever $50 million investment to create improved housing conditions nationwide.
  • worked tirelessly for members within our criminal justice system, providing new opportunities for everything from driver’s license reinstatement to housing and job assistance.

With Life Services, CareSource has reimagined the traditional health care model to make possible more complete well-being for our members. As our new model evolves, our approach will stay the same. We remain community-based, people-centric, data-driven, results-oriented and destined to make a lasting difference.

“At CareSource, we started looking at the social determinants of health years before it was the industry standard and way before there was a mandate.”

– Karin VanZant, CareSource Vice President of National Social Determinants of Health Strategy


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